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Beautiful Feet Ministries

The Facility

"Some people wish to build a church within the sound of chapel bells. I wish to build a rescue mission just outside the gates of hell."

- C.T. Studd


The facility used by Beautiful Feet Ministries was never purposed as a homeless ministry or soup kitchen. By the grace of God, the ministry is able to continue its service to the poor and needy with a building near a century old.

(Originally built in 1929 as Calvary Baptist Church, Beautiful Feet Ministries operates all of its ministries in this one facility.)


 (The fellowship hall seats 80 people and the kitchen serves over 80,000 meals each and every year.)


(The sanctuary was renovated by Mike and a team in the 1980s. It is a beautiful worship center with the original wooden pews and a stamped tin ceiling. Over 16 services are held each week at The Feet.)


(The Boot Camp is our facility used by out of state teams and our youth/children's ministry. This facility is a reclaimed furniture store and barber shop built around the late 1920's.)