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Beautiful Feet Ministries

Hearts and Hands-4-HIM Lawn and Landscape Service

Heart and Hands-4-Him is a lawn and landscape service operated by Beautiful Feet Church. The goal of this business is to teach men coming off the streets hard work, discipline, and financial management. (2 Thes. 3:10)


(The H3 team arriving after a full day of work.)

Do you need someone to provide lawn service? Why pay a large company whose goal is a  large profit margin. What if you could pay the same or less for lawn care and put homeless men back to work? What if you could invest in men's lives without costing you an extra cent? We don't promise to be the cheapest, but we promise your money will be used to help change men's lives, one lawn at a time.


Q: What makes you different than other lawn services?
A: We are insured, have workman's compensation, and follow all Texas Workforce laws and regulations. Also, you aren't just paying for a service, but investing in men's lives.

Q: Why are our prices so competitive?
A: Our goal is not to make a massive profit. Our goal is changing men's lives for Christ! Because of this, our profit margin is very narrow.

Q: Are your employees legally employed since they were once homeless?
A: All our employees are legally employed and are paid a fair wage for their services.


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or call 817-219-9223