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Beautiful Feet Ministries

Local Mission Teams

Want to serve locally?

Beautiful Feet is constantly in need of volunteers. Beautiful Feet operates with less than 15  staff members but has over 3,000 volunteers that serve with us annually. Without people like you, we would not be able to serve the poor and needy.



Monthly Volunteer Teams (Each of these teams serve once a month or more, we have several openings for leadership as well as team members.)

Clothing Team (Sort-Saturdays)
This team comes one Saturday a month from 8:30am-12pm and sorts all that weeks clothing donations. They fold, label, and store the clothing to give out Sunday and bag and recycle the unusable donations.

Clothing Team (Sundays)
The Sunday clothing team helps sign up, sort, and give away the clothing to those in need. They start right after our morning prayer service and finish by the end of service. Roughly 6:30am-12pm.

Kitchen Team (Sunday)
The kitchen team serves in our soup kitchen and prepares, cooks, and serves breakfast and lunch for up to 250 people, including our children and youth. This team arrives around 6am and leaves around 12:30pm.

Transportation Team
Beautiful Feet has over 50 children and youth that regularly attend our Wednesday and Sunday services. Unlike many churches, our youth do not have transportation. We rely on a committed group of volunteers who pick up this future generation. A background check is required as well as a drivers license. Secondly, each Sunday, we pick up hundreds of people for services in our 55 passenger school bus "Bluetoe". We need CDL Drivers to help us in this ministry. (Class B or above with air-brakes and Passenger endorsement required)

MOD Team
Our MOD (Minister on Duty) Team serves one Saturday or one Sunday per month. These men open and close the ministry, make sure all team leaders are equipped for the day, and manage our community service workers and volunteers.



Frequently asked questions

How big or small of a group can I bring?
We love to have individuals serve with us as well as large teams from churches, schools, and businesses. Groups larger than 5 people need to call for availability.

What will my team do?
Typically, we need help cooking, cleaning, serving food, leading services, sorting clothing, and loving the poor and needy.

What hours can I serve?
We are open from 8am-1pm Monday through Saturday and 6am-12pm on Sundays. Volunteers can serve any days during normal business hours. The best times to arrive to serve are between 8:15-8:45am during the week.


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