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Beautiful Feet Ministries

Worship Services

Bible Study
When: Monday-Saturday
Where: Fellowship Hall
Time: 9:00am (8:30am in the summer)

Each morning Beautiful Feet volunteers and staff members go through different books of the Bible. These studies include time of fellowship, worship, and deep discussion on that days selected passage.

Chapel Service
When: Monday-Saturday
Where: Sanctuary
Time: 11:15am

Just before lunch Beautiful Feet staff and volunteers offer a chapel service that includes worship, dramas, and/or skits, as well as preaching and a gospel presentation.


Prayer Service starts at 6:30am. This is a time we set aside to call out to God corporately and pray for the people on the streets, for the worship time, the teaching, children, and clothing ministries.

Sunday Service starts at 9:00am in the sanctuary. This is our time each week set aside to worship the King of King and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ. We offer times to celebrate birthdays, sing praises, read Scripture, watch dramas and skits, and dig deep into the Word of God with Pastor Mike Myers.


Wednesday Night Street Light starts at 7pm in the sanctuary.